Hyperloop UPV – Zapeando La Sexta (20-12-16) online

Hyperloop UPV at Spanish TV show “Zapeando” – La Sexta, featuring Anna Simón, Quique Peinado, Miki Nadal, Frank Blanco and Cristina Pedroche.

Hyperloop UPV is a spanish team of students from the Technical University Valencia designing the Hyperloop, a futuristic train concept that could achieve more than 1000 kph with renewable energies.

After taking part in the competition in January 2016 organized by SpaceX (Elon Musk’s company) in Texas, they were awarded “Top Design Concept” and “Best Propulsion Subsystem” among many other teams from most prestigious universities, being one of the only 3 european teams awarded.

During the International Maglev conference held in Berlin in September 2016, the team stated that the development of their rail-free system could reduce up to 30% infrastructure costs. This fact, combined with elimination of CO2 emissions (the system doesn’t need fossil fuels), could make the system become a real alternative to current high speed trains and planes, both for cargo and passengers.

Discover more at: www.hyperloopupv.com
Support the team at info@hyperloopupv.com


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